Monday, October 14, 2013

Charles S Beattys

Charles Beattys was my great great great grandfather.

 It was the 15th of December in 1832 in Connecticut. Gustave Eiffel, the architect of the Eiffel tower was born on that day. Andrew Jackson had just been re-elected President. And Charles is the third child to be born to Daniel Beattys, a stagecoach driver and his wife Caroline Hubbell in Danbury, CT.

 Daniel Sturges Beattys and Caroline had a son Daniel Silliman Beattys born in 1828 who only lived a few days. His second son, George Frederick Beattys was born in 1830. George Died in September 1832, and Charles Sturges Beattys was born not long after in Dec of 1832. He was followed by a brother George Hubbell Beattys in October of 1834. Frederick Lacy Beattys was born in April 1839, followed by the only girl in the family, Caroline Amelia Beattys in February in 1841.

 In 1850 the Family is living in Danbury Connecticut. The land they live on is valued at $3,000. Charles' father drove the stage coach from Danbury Ct, to a village named Brewster in the town of Southeast in Putnam county, NY. Charles seems to be hiding from the 1860 census taker. I'm not sure if he's in Connecticut or New York at this point. It seems he and Georgiana Howes married in between 1860-1861.

Charles and Georgiana had two known children - A son, who lived for three years. I've been told his name was Charles Beatys... but in the Milltown Cemetery in Southeast, New York, there's a stone for Daniel H (Howes?) Beattys who died Jan 1866 at three years old. The other child Georgiana and Charles Beattys had was Helen Amelia Beattys, Born September 2, 1861 in Dykeman's station in Putnam County NY.

Charles S Beattys Joined the Union army on Sept 8 1862 in Norwalk, CT. He joined the 27th Connecticut Regiment of Volunteer Infantry. They mustered out on October 4 1862. This group saw action in the Battle of Fredericksburg, on December 13, 1862. Charles was promoted to full Sargent on April 16 1863. He was active at the Battle of Chancellorsville, From April 30th through May 6th 1863. His record states he was wounded and captured on May 3rd at Chancellorsville. He was paroled May 14th 1863. I don't know if he was with his unit at Battle of Gettysburg, on July 1, 2 and 3, 1863. He mustered out July 27 1863 with a Honorable discharge.

After the War, Charles became an Advance Man for the Amburgh Menagerie and Circus. He was with Seth Crosby on work related duties when he died on the 21st of October in 1866. 5 years later, his wife Georgianna remarried Oliver Gay, another Civil War veteran. In 1877 Helen's daughter would marry Junia Dykeman and they would go on to be my great great grandparents.

While I know a fair bit about Charles I know very little of his father Daniel Beattys and nothing of his grandparents. Please email me if you know more about their story.