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My Ancestor, Helen Amelia Beattys Dykeman.

There are many Helen Dykemans in my family, and this is the story of just one of them - my great-great-grandmother Helen Amelia Beattys Dykeman

The Civil War was a month old when Helen was born  on the second of September 1861 to Charles S Beattys  and Georgiana Howes in the town of Southeast in Putnam County, New York.  She was about a year old when her dad went off to join the union army. A baby brother Daniel soon joined their family. Home life is not easy as her father is injured in the war, and returns just before her three year old brother dies. Just 9 months later, in 1866, Charles dies in a work related accident.   Her mother Georgiana remarries  in 1871 to Oliver Gay, but Helen remains the only child in the home.

Just shy of her 16th birthday, Helen (called Nellie) marries Junia Dykeman on Jul 2 1877.  They reside in  in Southeast, Putnam County, NY where Junia's family had been settled for many years.  A small article was published in the Brewster Standard: announced “marriage of Junia W Dykeman and Nellie Bettis was very quietly celebrated on Sunday, July 1 1877 at the brides mother’s residence. The reception was held on evening following.” They have Junia Jr about a year  later, when Helen is almost 17 and Junia Sr is 22, giving a start to what will become a large family.

In the 1880 Census we find the family living in Southeast, Putnam County NY. Junia is 24, born in NY and a farmer. Helen is listed as Nellie H, 19, Born in NY and Keeping House. Also listed is Junia Jr, 2 years old born in NY and the newest member of the house, baby Emma, at 11 months.  Junia's mother Emma had died a few months before baby Emma's birth, which may be where the name comes from.

Four boys are born to the family by 1890; Charles R in 1881, Lewis H in 1885, William G in 1887, and Frederick S in 1890.  There is no 1890 census, but all data points to Helen and Junia Sr still living in the family homestead in the town of Southeast, Putnam County NY.  No 1892 state census has been found yet for this community. The railroad is established shortly after, going closely by the Homestead. The railroad stop there leads to the establishment of the hamlet of Dykeman's Station  and in 1894 Dykemans gets a post office, putting it on the map.

Two more children are born, Arlene B in 1892, and Helen L in 1994.  Helen's daughter Emma B Dykeman marries a cousin, Henry J Dykeman in April of 1897, moving out of the house.  Helen and Junia have a son, Elbert Leslie Dykeman, born in late 1897  bringing their family to 9 children.  In January of 1898, Helen's first grandchild is born, a daughter, Florence, to Emma and her husband Henry.  In February of 1899, Helen's son Elbert dies. He is the only child they have that dies young, which is unusual for the times.

In the 1900 Census We find the family living in Dykemans Station, town of South east, Putnam County NY. Junia Sr is not listed.
Junia, Head,  b July 1878  a Farmer, B NY listed as single (this is Junia Jr)
Helen A, Mother,B Sept 1861, Married, 8 of 9 children living, B NY.  Father born in CT.
Lewis H, Brother, B Dec 1885, 14, Single B NY
William G, Brother, B Oct 1881 12, Single, B NY
Frederick S, Brother, B April 1890, 10, Single, B NY
Bessie A, Sister, B May 1892, 8, Single, B NY (Arlene Bessie)
Helen L, Sister, B Sept 1894, 5, Single, B NY
Georgiana A Gay, Grandmother (Helen's Mother) B Sept 1837, 62, Widowed, 1 of two children still living, B NY
also some servants and boarders are listed.

In August of 1900, Harold Horton Dykeman, my ancestor,  is born to Helen and Junia. In October, their son Junia marries and in 1902 has a daughter, Ruth.  At some point after Harold is born  Helen and Junia move to Manhattan. This was before their son Ralph is born in March of 1903,   There are records that Junia's father Daniel had lived part time in Manhattan, so they may have moved to a Family owned apartment, or they could have found a new location of their own. Between 1900 and 1910, Helen sees her sons Charles, and Lewis marry. They each have a daughter shortly thereafter, Doris and Alice,  Her mother Georgiana Howes Beatty Gay dies in 1909 in Schenectady.

In the 1910 Census, the family is living on West 96th street in  Manhattan.
Junia is 53, B in NY, on his first marriage of 31 years, Manager of a Milk Dairy.
Wife Helen is 48, B in NY, a housekeeper, married for 31 years.
William, Son, is 22 and single, B in NY, working as a bookkeeper in a Milk Dairy.
Daughter Arlene B is 17, B in NY, single and working as a bookkeeper in a Milk Dairy.
Daughter Helen L is 14, B in NY, single, no occupation.
Son Harold H. is 9, B in NY, Single, no occupation.
Son Ralph I is 7, Single,B in NY, no occupation.

Between 1910 and 1920, Frederick and William both get married. The grandchildren list grow to include Daniel, Helen, Frederick, Robert, Thelma, Kendall, Una, and Robert. World War one expands to include America, the Spanish Flu happens, and women in American gain the right to vote. Helen's son Charles, a state trooper, dies of Pleurisy in the beginning of 1920.

In the 1920 Census, we find the family still living on West 96th street in Manhattan, all born in USA with parents born in USA.
Junia (listed as Junius) Head of household, 63, Married, renting his home, a Manager in a Milk Company.
Helen (listed as Ellen) Wife, Married, 56, at home.
Son Harold,19 and Single, not working.
Son Ralph, 17 and Single, not working.
Son-in-law Charles Jagemann, 27 and Married, a Traffic Manager.
Daughter Helen Jagemann, 25 and Married, not working.
Kendon Jagemann (listed as Kenton), 3 months old.

 Helen and Junia are living at 166 West 96 Street in New York city when Helen goes to have an operation for a intestinal blockage. Unfortunately at the age of 59, in May of 1920, Helen Passes away from complications. In the Brewster Standard  June 4, 1920 her obituary is published: Sunday Morning 11 o’clock at St. Vincents Hospital, Helen Bettis, Wife of JW Dykeman died in her 59th year of age.  Her death followed an operation for relief of strangulated Hernia. Helen was born in South East Center Father Charles H Bettis Mother Georgianna Howes, Daughter of late JO Howes.

 Helen is buried in the Milltown Cemetery in Putnam county NY. Her husband Junia passes away in 1934. She is surrounded by the graves of many of her children and grandchildren.

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Joshua A Cornell 1849 - 1943

When you're big into Genealogy, you find yourself becoming very familiar with people in your family tree who died long before you were born. So although Joshua Cornell is actually my great-great grandfather I tend to refer to him as "Grandpa Josh"  because its just simplier.  My very tolerant family apparently has gotten used to this because they know exactly who I'm referring to. I've heard some Grandpa Josh stories over the years which I kept in  mind while looking at his genealogy.

Joshua A Cornell was born on June 30, 1849 to Jacob G Cornell and Mary McCord.  He joined at home two brothers, Aaron and Willett, and a sister Sarah. His brother Ezra was born three years later.  There's little known about his mother, Mary McCord, and speculation that she was Jacob's second wife. If so, Joshua was her first child. But thats a whole other story to tell some other time. Joshua's brother Aaron had a blacksmith shop, which was in the exact spot the new Croton Dam was built, which is why many refer to the dam as the Cornell Dam. The family farm and where Joshua was born is now under water, one of many homes flooded when the dam was completed.

Joshua was taught the trade of a wheelwright at first, according to his obituary. However he also is listed in the census throughout the years as a carriage maker, a blacksmith, and a carpenter with his own shop. Joshua married Alice Chase on Oct 22 1871.  Their son Ira J Cornell was born in May of 1874, Wright Benjamin Cornell in November of 1878. It was much later, in November of 1889, Lester Albert Cornell was born.

 Here they  are all together:  Lester being the younger one on the left, behind him is Wright, with Wright's wife Lizzie (Elizabeth Titus) besides Lester. Standing in the back is Grandpa Josh with his wife Alice on the right. Ira is in the right front with his wife Allie (Almira Fisher) just slightly behind and to the left of him. Date of photo unknown, but Wright married in 1903 and Ira died in 1905, which gives us a small window when this photo could have been taken. Lester would marry much later  - in 1923, to Florence Purdy.

One of the stories I've heard told about Grandpa Josh  was that he had a temper and sometimes he & Alice fought. Matter of fact, (they would say) he lived out in the garage for a time. The garage they referred to was once Grandpa Josh's shop. he bought it in 1885 and then began to build their house next to it. I thought this a funny story growing up.

Wright, Joshua and Ira
 Then, as I began to research the family tree an odd thing happened. I found Alice & Lester in the census, but not Grandpa Josh. He was alive, so why wasn't he there? Family reminded me he lived in the garage for a while... apparently not for a night or two, but for a year or more.  Sure enough, looking around the neighborhood in the census, there Grandpa Josh was, living by himself in the Garage.  It wasn't the last Census I found him listed living alone either. no one seems to know how long he lived out there, or if it was an on and off type of thing.

Grandpa Josh, along with his sons Lester & Wright were well known for their carpentry skills. Some of the buildings for Trinity-Pawling, a private boys school in Pawling, NY, were built by the three of them.  The family also hunted. In 1926, at 77, Joshua was mentioned in the paper for getting some squirrel and a pheasant.

Alice Chase Cornell died in July of 1939, after being ill for a few weeks.  Grandpa Josh however lived a long time. When he turned 91 his family threw him a big get-together to celebrate. Joshua was the last of his siblings to pass away, in 1943 at the age of 94.


Ira J. Cornell - May 30, 1874 - March 29, 1905

My Great Grandfather Lester Cornell had two brothers, Ira and Wright Cornell. Ira was the oldest, and he died young of tuberculosis, or so I’d been told, so he's been a bit of a mystery...

Then one day I was gifted with some old pictures. You know the kind, grey or sepia pictures of people on cardboard backing, usually they are faded and worn around the edges. Often there’s something somewhat familiar about their faces, but you’re not sure what.

The photographer is someone you never heard of in a place you’re not sure your relative ever went to; and to top it off, when you turn them over there’s no name on the back. Downright frustrating to be given a ton of great granny’s pictures… only to find out she was the only one who know who was in them.

This time it was different – I turned them over and there in spidery pencil was written names – some with question marks, but names all the same. I promptly started asking questions of anyone from that branch of the family and in that way I discovered many things from those few pictures.

Great Grandpa Lester was much younger than his brother - 15 years younger – and since Ira didn't have kids and died young not much was known about him. Other family members seem to recall his wife lived in CT in her later years after he died, but they’d lost track of her over the years. So, armed with a couple of old pictures and some sketchy data, I began the hunt.

First – the census. In 1880, I find Ira is 6, living with his brother Wright with his parents Joshua and Alice in Yorktown, Westchester Co, NY. In 1900, I find his family all in Yorktown, but Ira requires some more searching. There are 9 Ira Cornells in the census for that year, He is the one living with his wife Almira with her parents Henry and Jennie in Manhattan.


This sort of goes with a family comment that he did “some photography down near the city” at one time. In 1910, I find lots of Iras, But not the one I’m looking for. In CT I find an Almira Cornell, the correct age, widowed, living with her mother – So by this I believe Ira has died. I find his mother, father and Lester living in Yorktown again. Alice is listed as having borne 3 children, 2 of which are living and this backs up my hunch that Ira has died. in 1920, I find no Ira that fits this family... so I move on to other records.

In some cemetery listings for Westchester county I do some more searches for the missing Ira. I find a possible one in Mahopac and reach out to a cousin who might know if this is the correct one. Jeanette and her mom Lois (Lester’s daughter) going for a drive one weekend and find the stone I mentioned in Mahopac. They find a full death date and he is buried among the Fisher family – His Wife, Almira’s family. There’s a marking for the Masons on his stone, which adds a bit of information too.

Online at the Mahopac Library I find copies of the Putnam county paper dating way back… and give it a few looks to see what I can find on Ira Cornell. Sure enough,. A few days after his death I find a column describing his death and where he’ll be buried. He was 30 years old and died of consumption.

Knowing Almira's full name and the fact Ira married by 1900, I began to look for marriage records. Nothing is found in Westchester county where Ira was born. However now knowing he was in NY city in 1900, I look at the NY city indexes and find success. Ira J Cornell married Almira Fisher in Manhattan, NY on February 21, 1899. I wonder if any of the family traveled to the city that day to celebrate with them.

So by looking in several places and some help from other family members I've been able to piece together a bit of information to fill in the mystery of Great-Grand-Uncle Ira.  Ira didn't have any children, so my search doesn't go much further with his story. But finally we know a little more of one of Lester's brothers.

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From Cape Cod MA to Southeast NY...Moody Howes

MOODY HOWES was born 18 Jul 1724 in Dennis, Barnstable Co, MA, and died 09 Apr 1806 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY. He married (1) HANNAH SNOW 09 Feb 1747/48. She was born 04 May 1727 in Harwich, Barnstable Co, MA, and died 10 Jul 1758 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY. He married (2) SARAH ELLIS 21 Apr 1759 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY, daughter of JACOB ELLIS and ELIZABETH FOSTER. She was born 15 Apr 1730 in Harwich, Barnstable Co,MA, and died 19 Jan 1815 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY.

Notes for MOODY HOWES:
Rev. War, Served as a Private, 7th Regiment, Dutchess Co. Militia under Major Adams

Children of MOODY HOWES and HANNAH SNOW are:
i. HANNAH HOWES, b. 04 Jan 1749/50; d. 09 Mar 1839; m. THOMAS JONES, 18 Jun 1768;
ii. MOODY HOWES, JR, b. 20 Oct 1751;
iii. JOHN HOWES, b. 22 Nov 1753;
iv. THOMAS HOWES, b. 04 Dec 1756; .

Children of MOODY HOWES and SARAH ELLIS are:
v. SETH HOWES, b. 21 Jun 1760;
vi. JOB HOWES, b. 09 Nov 1761;
vii. DANIEL HOWES, b. 13 Apr 1763, Southeast, Putnam Co, NY; d. 04 Feb 1824, Southeast, Putnam Co, NY.
viii. SARAH HOWES, b. 06 Feb 1765; m. WILLIAM CASE, 11 Dec 1788; .
ix. RUEBEN HOWES, b. 06 Dec 1766;
x. SAMUEL HOWES, b. 09 Dec 1768;
xi. DEBORAH HOWES, b. 04 Nov 1770; m. JOHN HAUBARD, 11 Apr 1796;
xii. EDMUND ALANZO HOWES, b. 04 Aug 1772; .
xiii. ELIZABETH HOWES, b. 04 Nov 1774; m. UNKNOWN REED, 08 Mar 1795;

Generation No. 2

DANIEL HOWES was born 13 Apr 1763 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY, and died 04 Feb 1824 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY. He married RUHAMA REED 28 Jun 1791, daughter of JACOB REED and RHUHAMAH BENEDICT. She was born 12 Jan 1773 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co, CT, and died 19 Mar 1864 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY.

Children of DANIEL HOWES and RUHAMA REED are:
i. SUSANNAH7 HOWES, b. 1791; d. 1856; m. STEPHEN SMITH, 1807;
ii. FANNY HOWES, b. 25 Jan 1792; d. 30 Apr 1876; m. UNKNOWN FERGUSON, 16 Mar 1811;
iii. MALCHUS REED HOWES, b. 07 Aug 1793;


iv. NATHAN ALVA HOWES, b. 22 Apr 1796, Southeast, Putnam Co, NY; d. 29 Jun 1878, Southeast, Putnam Co, NY.
v. PHEBE HOWES, b. 09 Dec 1798; m. UNKNOWN HOYT, 02 Apr 1815;
vi. VILETTE HOWES, b. 19 Jan 1801; d. 27 Apr 1825; m. FREDERICK T BIRCH, 05 Jan 1818;
vii. ADELIA HOWES, b. 18 May 1803; d. 24 Jul 1880; m. WILLIAM HARVEY RIDER, 28 Mar 1826;
viii. DANIEL MORGAN HOWES, b. 26 Mar 1805; d. 04 Dec 1830.
ix. JACOB ORSON HOWES, b. 08 Mar 1807, Southeast, Putnam Co, NY; d. 07 May 1876, Southeast, Putnam Co, NY.
x. ESTHER HOWES, b. 17 Jan 1809; d. 14 Mar 1890; m. CHARLES RIDER, 31 May 1831;
xi. LAVINIA HOWES, b. 23 Oct 1810; d. 23 Sep 1831; m. SETH S CROSBY, 19 Dec 1827;
xii. REUBEN WING HOWES, b. 20 Oct 1813, Southeast, Putnam Co, NY; d. 29 Sep 1897, Yonkers, Westchester Co, NY.
xiii. SETH BENEDICT HOWES, b. 15 Aug 1815; d. 16 May 1901, Brewster, Putnam Co, NY.
xiv. PHINEAS HOWES, b. 25 Sep 1817, Southeast, Putnam Co, NY; d. 11 Oct 1894, Rockford,Winnebago Co, IL.

Sources on this family include:

Map of Southeast Centre 1867
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Censuses – 1830 – 1930
Abstracted Will
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Gravestones of Putnam County by Barbara Smith Buys
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