Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grace Chetwood Bulkeley

Grace Chetwood (various spellings) is an ancestor of mine through my Dykeman family lines; two maternal, one paternal.  One of eleven children, Grace was the daughter of Sir Richard Chetwode of Markworth, England and his second wife, Dorothy Needham. Grace was born about 1602 as she was about 33 in 1635 when she and her husband Reverend Peter Bulkeley traveled to the new world. Peter was 20 years her senior and had been married once before. He was outspoken and was wanted for arrest for his views. He managed to elude the authorities and sailed from England  with Grace and children from his first marriage. 

There is a story concerning their travel to America about Grace but it is difficult to figure out how accurate it is. Apparently as they neared the end of their journey, Grace fell ill. She became so ill that she appeared dead. Because her husband was well known and she was a Lady* her body was not buried at sea. Although there were few signs of life, the body did not decay. After three days or so she seemed to rally back to life. When they disembarked, she was taken off the boat as an invalid but she was alive.  Shortly after they arrived, Grace had a baby  boy who they named Gershom, which means 'an exile'.  Her health returned, and the family expanded from 1635 to 1643 to include Eliezer, Peter, and Dorothy.

When I call Grace a Lady I mean she descends from royalty. Her parents descend from Barons, Viscounts, Knights, Sheriffs as well as actual Kings. This one ancestor connects to William the Conqueror and have seen some pedigree charts that take this line all the way back to Charlemagne who was born in 742. Following her family tree seems to lead to a lot of history that I don't recall from school.  I have included below some of the more notable ancestors of Grace. I can share more if there is any interest in seeing more of  it, just leave a comment below.
Robert Needham, born Bet. 1533 - 1535; died 18 Dec 1603. He was the son of  Thomas Needham and  Anne Talbot. He married  Frances Aston. born 1533. She was the daughter of  Sir Edward Aston and  Joan Bowles.

Sir John Talbot born Abt. 1485; died 10 Sep 1549. He was the son of Gilbert Talbot, Sir and  Audrey Cotton. He married  Margaret Troutbeck born Abt. 1492. She was the daughter of  Adam Troutbeck and  Margaret Boteler

Humphrey De Bohun He married  Elizabeth Plantagenet the daughter of  Edward The First and  Eleanor Of Castille.
Edward The First, born 17 Jun 1239; died 1307. He was the son of  Henry The Third and Eleanor of Provence. He married Eleanor Of Castille 01 Nov 1254 in Castille, Spain. She was born 1242 in Castille, Spain; died 1290. She was the daughter of Fernando The Third and  Jeanne De Dammartin. 

Henry The Third, born 01 Oct 1207; died 16 Nov 1272. He was the son of  John The First and Isabella Of Angouleme. He married  Eleanor of Provence 14 Jan 1237. She was Eleanor of Provence, born 1217; died 24 Jan 1291.  

John The First, born 24 Dec 1161; died 19 Oct 1216. He was the son of  Henry The Second and Eleanor Of Aquitaine. He married Isabella Of Angouleme who died abt 1246.

Henry The Second, born 05 Mar 1133; died 06 Jul 1189 in Tours, France. He was the son of Geoffrey V Count of Anjou and  Matilda. He married  Eleanor Of Aquitaine who was born 1123.

Henry The First, born Bet. 1068 - 1069 in Selby, Yorkshire, England; died 01 Dec 1135 in Saint-Denis-en-Lyons, Normandy. He was the son of William The Conqueror and Matilda Of Flanders.

William The Conqueror*, born Abt. 1028 in Falaise, Normandy; died 09 Sep 1087 in Rouen, France. He was the son of  Robert The First. He married  Matilda Of Flanders who died 03 Nov 1083. She was the daughter of  Baldwin The Fifth .
Richard the First, born 933 in Fecamp, France; died 20 Nov 996 in Fecamp, France. He was the son of William the First and Sprota. He married  Gunnora of Crêpon who died 1031.

Baldwin the First He married  Judith Of France in 858. She was born Abt. 843. She was the daughter of  Charles The Second and  Ermentrude.

Alfred The Great, born 871; died Abt. 899

Louis I, born Aug 778; died 20 Jun 840. He was the son of Charlemagne and Hildegarde. He married Judith. 

Charlemagne, born 02 Apr 742; died 28 Jan 814.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Revolutionary War Ancestors

Being a Genealogist and a 18th Century Reenactor, my ancestors from the 18th century hold a special interest for me. I have looked in records and pension files and found many ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War. I suspect there are more, but the below folks all fought in the American War of Independance.


Obadiah Chase, born 1743 in Boston, Suffolk Co, MA; died 04 Jul 1799 in Carmel, Putnam Co, NY.  He was the son of Isaac Chase and Thankful Maker.  He married Susannah Knapp Bet. 1765 - 1766.

Joseph Dikeman, born Abt. 1737 in Fairfield Co, CT; died 1822 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY.  He was the son of Frederick Dyckman and  Ann   He married Eunice Darling 25 May 1757 in Redding, Fairfield Co, CT.

Hezekiah Dykeman, born Abt. 26 Aug 1759 in Redding, Fairfield Co, CT; died 17 Jan 1839.  He was the son of Joseph Dikeman and Eunice Darling.  He married  Constance Doane 12 Oct 1785 in Wilton, Fairfield Co, CT.

Benjamin Dikeman, born Abt. 24 May 1761 in Redding,Fairfield Co, CT; died 18 Apr 1845 in Patterson, Putnam Co, NY.  He was the son of \ Joseph Dikeman and \ Eunice Darling.  He married  Huldah Kelley.

William Hooker, born 15 Sep 1756 in Kensington, Hartford Co, CT; died 04 Feb 1826 in Kensington, Hartford Co, CT.  He was the son of Seth Hooker and Sarah Burnham.  He married  Hannah Jones 03 Feb 1779.

Gershom Hubbell, born 17 Jul 1729; died 14 Apr 1802.  He was the son of  Nathan Hubbell and Martha Finch.  He married  Sarah St John 30 Nov 1769.

Jonathan Silliman, born 31 Aug 1742 in Fairfield Co, CT; died 30 Jun 1777.  He was the son of Ebenezer Silliman and Abigail Selleck.  He married Anna Morehouse 27 Jun 1762

Moody Howes, born 18 Jul 1724 in Dennis, Barnstable Co, MA; died 09 Apr 1806 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY.  He was the son of  Thomas Howes and Deborah Seares.  He married Sarah Ellis 21 Apr 1759 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY.

 Jacob Reed, born 01 Apr 1749 in New Canaan, Fairfield Co, CT; died 11 Jun 1812 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY.  He was the son of William Reed and Rachel Kellogg.  He married  Rhuhamah Benedict 07 Mar 1769.

Henderick Van Blarcom, born Abt. 18 May 1740 in Passic, Bergen Co, NJ.  He was the son of  John Van Blarcom and Vroutje Kip.  He married Annatje Van Winkle 20 Nov 1763 in Passaic, Bergen Co, NJ.

Ezra Merrick, born 26 Aug 1744 in Bradford, Essex Co, MA; died 28 Sep 1777 in Fort Ticonderoga, Essex Co, NY.  He was the son of  Ezra Mireck and. Mehitebel Green.  He married  Sarah Marsh 23 Sep 1776 in Goffstown, Hillsbourgh Co,  NH.

Zenas Warren, born 22 Mar 1758.  He was the son of Benjamin Warren and Jedidah Tupper.  He married  Susannah Unknown

William Rhinevault* born Abt. 1760; died 16 Jun 1840.  He married  Mary Spencer 11 Apr 1782 in Fredericks, Dutchess co, NY.

John Knox, born 01 Oct 1752 in North Salem, Westchester Co, NY; died 22 Aug 1817 in North Salem, Westchester Co, NY.  He was the son of Robert Knox.  He married  Mary Polly Raymond 29 Oct 1775 in Salem, Westchester Co, NY.

Jonathan Reynolds, born Abt. 1757; died 24 Aug 1809 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY.  He married  Mary Brown 03 Apr 1776 in Greenwich, Fairfield Co, CT.