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Cyrus Wells - From Canada to New Mexico by way of Vermont, New Hampshire and Kansas

One of my Vermont ancestors was Cyrus Wells, the son of  William Wells (1794 - 1855) and Martha Myrick (1798 - ?). They were from New Hampshire, but settled in Canada by the time Cyrus was born. I do not know if he had sibilings or was an only child. I know he was born December 22, 1817 in Hatley, Canada, when his dad was 23 and his mother only 19. His Great-grandfather Ezra Merrick was in the American Revolution, and died at Fort Ticonderoga in 1777.

When Cyrus Wells was 22, he married Susan Garvin in Charlotte, Chittenden County, VT on March 3 1839. This is the earliest record I have of him being in Vermont. They would eventually have 10 children, perhaps more.

Marion Missouri Wells their first child was my ancestor, born July 17, 1840 in Plattsburgh, Clinton County, NY. They must have lived there for a while as their first son, Marshall William Wells was born there as well on May 7 1843. In 1847, their son Eugene Charles Wells was born March 24 in St Armand, Canada East. Caroline Melissa Wells was also born in St Armand on June 16, 1848.

Their next child, Paulina Mary Wells, was born Sept 16, 1850 in Essex, Chittenden County, VT. This is the town where Susan's parents lived, and Cyrus and Susan show up in the 1850 census there.  The US census lists another child, Helen Wells, age 3. I am not sure where or when she was born as I have no other birth information on her. Cyrus is listed as a Cloth Manufacturer. In the 1900 Census Cyrus states he did not  immigrate to the United States until 1859, perhaps in 1850 they weren't living permanently in Vermont yet. In the 1851 Canadan Census there is a Cyrus Wells listed in St Armand Quebec, which could indeed be our Cyrus.

The next  three children are recorded as being born in St Armand, Canada East. Byron Edwards Wells was born on Oct 24, 1853; Genieveve Wells on April 13 1855; and Susie Wells on 10 Dec 1856.  Their last child I know of is Harriet Abigail Wells, born September 17 1860 in Waterville, Lamoille County, Vermont. They are also found in the 1860 Federal Census living there. By this time, Marion had married William B Smith, and they were living with her parents at that time.

 I have a newspaper clipping from July 27, 1869 that gives a glimpse of Cyrus's life  - The railroad was apparently coming to Waterville, and Cyrus was renovating an large factory which furnished water power for the town. He intended to start manufacturing flannels as soon as the times allowed it. - So apparently Cyrus was still involved in cloth manufacturing 20 years later. In 1870 Census the family is still living in Waterville although Marion & William are not listed as living with Cyrus & Susan anymore.

In the 1880 Census records we find Cyrus & Susan are living in Kinsley, Edwards, Kansas with their son Byron and his wife Sarah.  Cyrus' occupation is listed as Coal Mining. He must have been on the move, as he was also listed in the 1880 census as a Mine Broker, living by himself in Los Cerillos, Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Remember at this time New Mexico is a territory, not a state.)  August 24, 1888 Cyrus Wells was elected postmaster in Turquesa, New Mexico until May 12 1899. His wife Susan Garvin Wells, daughter of Thomas Garvin & Abigail Warren, dies July 15th, 1891 after a long illness. Their daughter Helen Wells Wilson nursed her mother through that illness and continued to live there after her mother passed away.

Helen and her father Cyrus are in the 1900 census living in Cerrillos, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Cyrus is listed once again as a maufacturer, widowed, born December of 1817, and says he immigrated in 1859. Cyrus died shortly thereafter on Oct 30th, 1901, and I am still looking for information on his death.

I am the great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Cyrus Wells. If you are a relative or have more to add to his story, please feel free to contact me. I am always looking to learn more about the life of my ancestors.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Benjamin Dikeman - Dyckman - Dykeman - Dykman

Benjamin Dikeman is one of my Revolutionary War ancestors, and since names and dates don't tell half the story, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about him.

Benjamin was one of 14 children born to Joseph Dikeman (abt 1737 - 1822)  and Eunice Darling (Jan 25 1736 - death unknown). The others were Ann, Phebe, Hezekiah, Joseph, Sally, Aaron, Peter, Ezra, Eunice, Elizabeth, Daniel, Abigail, and Ruhama.  Benjamin was born the 24th of May in 1761, in Redding, Connecticut and died 8 April 1845. Three of those sons were ancestors of mine, of them, Benjamin was the second son and fourth child in the family.
Benjamin enlisted 1781 in the Dutchess County Militia, and is listed as belonging to the company commanded by Captains Williams & Dykeman (his father) In his pension application, he mentions his three sons, 2 which are wealthy farmers and the other a cattle dealer and butcher.

Benjamin Dyckman Married Huldah Kelly in Patterson, Putnam County, NY, daughter of Jonathan Kelly and Priscilla King. Benjamin & Huldah had four children that we know of, some sources say there were more children that died young:

 Isaac Dykman was born 29 Dec 1788 in Dutchess County, NY and died Jan 16 1872 in Putnam County, NY. (note: Putnam County was created from southern Dutchess County in 1812) Isaac married Polly Wood on 18 Sept 1808, and they had a family of six children - Jane, James, Eunice, Mary, George, and Emma.  Polly was Born Nov 19 1778 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, CT and died Sept 14, 1867 in Patterson, Putnam County, NY. In 1850 he is listed as a farmer.

  Ezra Dykeman was born Dec 13, 1771 in Dutchess County, NY and died Sept 29, 1857. He married Keturah Ellis who was born June 27, 1797and died Dec 9 1878. According to His  brother Isaac's will, he had three daughters Martha, Emily, and Eliza. He was a farmer. He was most likely named after his uncle Ezra Dyckman, Joseph's Brother, who died in 1771.

 Priscilla Dykeman was born about 1792. She was most likely named after her grandmother, Priscilla King Kelly.She married James Baker.

 Benjamin Dykeman, (the younger) was born 1796 in Dutchess County, NY and died July 28, 1860. Benjamin married a woman named Asenath who was born 21 July 1790 and died 9 Dec 1873. They had a family of seven children - Beulah, Mary Elizabeth, Albert, Huldah, Sarah, Isaac, & Charles. In the 1850 census Benjamin was listed as a butcher.

Benjamin's son Isaac had a daughter, Emma C. Dykeman. That daughter married her second cousin, Daniel W. Dykeman. But then, thats another story for another day...

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Legacy of James P Osborn

James Paulding Osborn
James Paulding Osborn was born on a leap day, Friday, February 29th 1856 in Pawling, NY. He was the first son of George Washington Osborn and Mary Slocum, and their second child.

George and Mary's family expanded to eventually have many children:
Helen A Osborn, Born 24 May 1854 - Died 27 Aug 1942
James himself, Born 29 Feb 1856 - Died 13 April, 1926
George Travis Osborn, Born 17 May, 1858 - Died 18 Oct 1863
John A Osborn, Born 12 Apr 1860 - Died 1944
Edgar B Osborn, Born 16 Dec 1863 - Died 21 Sept 1950
Mary Ida Osborn, Born 15 Apr 1865 - Died 26 Apr 1927
Zadie Osborn, Born 23 Dec 1869 - Died July 1962
Charles H Osborn, Born 2 Aug 1871 - Died 13 June 1959

I have yet to find this family in the 1860 and 1870 census.

On June 25, 1877 when James was 21, he married 15 year old Jennie Barrett, who was born 5 June 1862 , daughter of Sarah Knox and Solomon Barrett. In the 1880 Census, James is listed as a farm laborer for Mr. Newton Cook, in Pawling, Dutchess County, NY. Jennie is listed as married and living next door with her sister Byronette Barrett.

Jennie Barrett Osborn

Jennie and James had 8 children, six of which lived to adulthood:
Edward Francis Osborn, Born 15 Sept 1880 - Died 23 April 1965
Mary Francis Osborn, Born Nov 1882 - Died 12 Dec 1942
George Washington Osborn, Born 27 Jan 1884 - Died 23 Feb 1960
James Franklin Osborn, Born Apr 1885 - Died 5 Jan 1970
Sarah Osborn, Born 27 Aug 1886 - Died 4 Oct 1952
Earl Osborn, Born 29 Jan 1888 - Died 17 Aug 1983
Jennie Bell Osborn, Born about 1890 - Died 5 Feb 1895
Albert Osborn, Born 19 Apr 1891 - Died 1891

Family legend says the family grew so fast, Jennie's sister Lucinda came to live with her to help with the children. As there is no 1890 census, this is hard to prove, however it does seem logical in hindsight. Jennie Barrett Osborn Died 3 Feb 1893 at the age of 30 in Pawling, Dutchess Co, NY.

Lucinda Barrett Osborn

On November  9, 1893, when James was 37 he married 21 year old Lucinda Barrett who was born 21 Oct 1872, daughter of Sarah Knox and Solomon Barrett.

She and James  had 8 children who all lived to adulthood:
Clayton John Osborn, Born 22 Dec 1893 - Died 21 Apr 1975
Elsie Jane Osborn, Born 27 Oct 1894 - Died 2 May 1984
Solomon Barrett Osborn, Born 9 Feb 1896 - Died 27 Jul 1982
Nancy Dean Osborn, Born 27 Apr 1897 - Died 16 Nov 1957
William Dean Osborn, Born 7 May 1898 - Died 15 Nov 1937
Chloe Ann Osborn, Born 24 Jun 1899 - Died 39 Nov 1995
Elizabeth Amelia Osborn, Born 27 Nov 1901 - Died 11 Jul 1966
Isabel Osborn, born 28 Jan 1903 - Died 19 July 1974.

In the 1900 Census, James and his family are living in Somers, Westchester County, New York. The oldest three children of Jennie and James have moved out, leaving 10 children in the house.

In 1909, Elsie Barrett Beach, sister of Jennie and Lucinda dies leaving a baby, Weston Beach only a month old. Weston (later nicknamed Pete) joins the Osborn family and was raised like a brother to the rest of the children. His father Frank would not let him be formally adopted, so his last name remained Beach.

By the 1910 census, all of Jennie's children have moved out of the home and the family has moved back to Pawling, Dutchess County, New York. In 1920, Only the girls and Weston are living with James and Lucinda, still renting in Pawling.

In Dec of 1923, the local paper says the family has moved into one of the two houses James has bought behind the Pawling Central Baptist Church. This puts the family right in the middle of the town.

James Paulding Osborn died of pneumonia on April 13 1926, at the age of 70. He left behind him his wife Lucinda, who lived until Oct 22, 1955 as well as all fourteen of his children, Weston Beach, and at least 30 Grandchildren.

I am still gathering information and pictures of James' descendants. I know I am missing a lot of folks, particularly from Jennie's family, but also some from Lucinda's. Today in 2010, I know of 296 descendants, not counting spouses from James in just 6 generations. That’s quite a legacy to leave behind.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Edmund Knox & Hannah Henion, Part 2

A reader has asked for a little more info on my fourth great-grandfather's family. So I have included here some information on the ancestors of Edmund Knox and his wife Hannah Henion. Please feel free to add any info you know through the comment link below.

Edmund Knox, born 12 Sep 1808 in Westchester Co, NY; died 25 Nov 1881 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY. He was the son of Abraham Knox and Sarah Reynolds. He married Hannah Henion 03 Oct 1832 in Putnam Co, NY.  In the 1850 Census Edmund is listed as a Shoemaker.

Hannah Henion, born 17 May 1813 in Kent, Putnam Co, NY; died 25 Jul 1848 in Putnam Co, NY. She was the daughter of John/Johannes Henion and Mercy Smalley.

Abraham Knox, born 13 Aug 1779 in North Salem, Westchester Co, NY; died 19 Jul 1847 in Putnam Co, NY. He was the son of John Knox and Mary Polly Raymond. He married Sarah Reynolds 23 Jan 1806 in Salem, Westchester Co, NY.

Sarah Reynolds, born 09 Aug 1789 in Salem, Washington Co, NY; died 23 Apr 1857 in Brewster, Putnam Co, NY. She was the daughter of Jonathan Reynolds and Mary Brown.

John/Johannes Henion, born Abt. 31 Mar 1776; died 02 Feb 1848 in Boyds Corners, Kent, Putnam Co, NY. He was the son of Johannes Henion and Annatje Levy. He married Mercy Smalley Feb 1803 in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, NY.

Mercy Smalley, born Abt. 30 Oct 1782 in Fredericksburgh, Dutchess Co, NY; died 15 Mar 1839 in Putnam Co, NY. She was the daughter of Zachariah Smalley and Mary

John Knox, born 01 Oct 1752 in North Salem, Westchester Co, NY; died 22 Aug 1817 in North Salem, Westchester Co, NY. He was the son of Robert Knox. He married Mary Polly Raymond 29 Oct 1775 in Salem, Westchester Co, NY.
     *John was in the Revolutionary War - there is a pension file for him.

Mary “Polly” Raymond, born 05 Nov 1757 in Westchester Co, NY; died 03 Mar 1850 in North Salem, Westchester Co, NY.

Jonathan Reynolds, born Abt. 1757; died 24 Aug 1809 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY. He married Mary Brown 03 Apr 1776 in Greenwich, Fairfield Co, CT.
    *Jonathan was in the Revolutionary War - there is a pension file for him.

Mary Brown, born 27 Apr 1758 in Greenwich Ct; died 26 Nov 1840 in Southeast, Putnam Co, NY. She was the daughter of Edmond Brown

Johannes Henion, born 17 Mar 1745 in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, NY. He was the son of Elias Henion and Maria Phillips. He married Annatje Levy 02 Nov 1767 in Dutchess Co, NY.

Zachariah Smalley, born 1760; died 1811

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