Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Silas Fowler Tompkins

1. SILAS FOWLER TOMPKINS, my great-great-grandfather was born on 24 Feb 1825. He died on 02 Apr 1913.

When he was 21, he married Martha Ann Horton, daughter of Elias Quereau Horton and Mary Lyon on 26 Nov 1846. Martha was born on 26 Dec 1829 in Yorktown, Westchester Co, NY. She died on 06 Sep 1897.

Silas built a desk, which my cousin now has. She refinished it and sent some pictures so I could see it, including the nameplate with Silas' name in his own writing. 

I also found a copy of the Civil War Draft registrations which included Silas F Tompkins. He was 38. I believe the other Tompkins listed on the same page are relatives, but I'm not sure how yet. I have not found any record of Silas actually serving in the civil war.

My great grand aunt, Ruth Townsend Purdy did a lot of research on our family over the years. I have some of her research books and notes.

She had a family bible that had the Tompkins family information in it. I've never actually seen the bible in person, as it was donated to a research place when she passed away.

A distant cousin had pictures of the pages in it as well Aunt Ruth's transcriptions.

  She shared that information with me, and here is the page that had Silas's birth and Death dates on it along with many others.

Silass Birth is listed  in the top left corner and his death in the lower right corner.

Silas Fowler Tompkins and Martha Ann Horton had the following children:

i. MARY ELIZA TOMPKINS was born on 18 Jul 1848 in Westchester Co, NY. She died on 04 Jul 1921 in Westchester Co, NY. She married Reuben R Bunyea on 20 Sep 1871. He was born on 22 Feb 1831. He died on 22 Jan 1929.

ii. SARA JANE TOMPKINS was born on 20 Jan 1851 in Westchester Co, NY. She died on 2 Sep 1852 in Yorktown, Westchester Co, NY.

iii. HENRIETTA TOMPKINS was born on 30 Sep 1853 in Westchester Co, NY. She died on 10 Mar 1906 in Westchester Co, NY. She married Benjamin P Sipp on 20 Mar 1883. He was born on 18 May 1855. He died on 02 Dec 1916.

iv. CORNELIA A. TOMPKINS was born on 21 Feb 1856 in Westchester Co, NY. She died on 19 Sep 1934 in Westchester Co, NY. She married Orlando Lent on 16 May 1876. He was born on 01 Jul 1840. He died on 17 May 1925.

v. GEORGE H TOMPKINS was born on 15 Dec 1858 in Westchester Co, NY. He died on 17 Mar 1886 in Westchester Co, NY.

vi. IDA MAE TOMPKINS was born on 19 Nov 1861 in Westchester Co, NY. She died on 20 Mar 1937 in Westchester Co, NY. She married Jacob Irving Purdy, son of Jacob G. Purdy and Esther S. Sarles on 09 Dec 1891 in Yorktown, Westchester Co, NY. He was born on 17 Jan 1849. He died on 06 Jun 1919 in Granite Springs, Somers, Westchester Co, NY.

vii. ULLYSSES G TOMPKINS was born on 15 Jul 1866 in Westchester Co, NY. He died on 5 Oct 1948. He married Florence Slaving, daughter of Henry Slaving and Catherine Purdy on 05 Jun 1892 in Croton Falls, Westchester Co, NY. She was born on 15 Jun 1875. She died after 1930.

Silas and Martha are buried in the Amawalk cemetery in Yorktown, Westchester county, NY.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Obadiah Chase

I have a couple of ancestors that descend from the first settlers of America. Obadiah Chase is a descendant of one of the passengers on the Mayflower, Stephen Hopkins.

The tree from Stephens Hopkins to Obadiah is:

Stephen's son Gyles Hopkins and wife Catherine Whelen

their son Stephen Hopkins and wife Mary Merrick

their daughter Mary Hopkins and husband John Maker

their daughter Thankful Maker and husband Isaac Chase
their son Obadiah Chase who was born 1743 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Obadiah was the second child of 9 sibilings. When he was about 22 he married Susannah Knapp.

Below you can see how he fits into the family tree.
Obadiah is not only a Mayflower descendant, but also served in the revolutionary war.

 He is listed in the Daughter's of the American Revolution's Patriot Index.  All of us who can document our family line back to him caan become a member of the DAR, or of the Sons of the American Revolution. He is buried in the Old Carmel Church in Putnam County, NY.  He has a couple of gravestones as well as being recognized on a group moument as one of the soldiers in the American War of Independance.