Saturday, January 7, 2012

Family of Anna Amelia Barrett Travis

   Solomon Barrett and Sarah Knox had 12 children. Their oldest Child was Anna Amelia, born 04 Apr 1857 in Brewster, Putnam Co, NY, and died 03 Mar 1914 in Kent Cliffs, Putnam Co, NY. Anna A. married James Hart Travis 1872 in Putnam Valley, Putnam Co, NY, son of Temperance S Travis.  He was born Dec 1854 in Somers, Westchester County NY.

Children of Anna Barrett and James Travis are:

1) Solomon Travis who died about 1894.

2) Emma F. Travis, born 1873; died 1935. She married (1) William Augustus Cowl in 1888. Will Cowl was born in July 1858. She married (2) Robert Warner.  Emma and William A Cowl had the following children:

2A) Chloe Cowl, born May 1891. She married Joseph Robertson about 1909 and they had a son Joseph.

2B)Ruth Cowl, born Nov 1897.

3)  Sarah Temperance Travis, born Dec 1875 in NY. She married Allen D Adams March 24, 1904 in Manhatten, NY.

4) Bertha E. Travis, born Oct 1879 in Carmel, Putnam Co, NY. She married Allen Vandine.

5) Mary Hannah Travis, born Feb 1881 in Carmel, Putnam Co, NY. She married Guy Hoffmire; born Abt. 1876 in New Jersey.

No further information is known on this family, but if you know more about Anna & James Travis' descendants, I would be interested to know about it.