Sunday, December 9, 2012

Osbornes at Fort Ticonderoga

 September 10 1927

The Pawling newspaper included a small article in the social news section concerning a trip made by family.

Imagine my surprise to find the pictures from the trip amongst the family things.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Newell Augustus King

Newell Augustus King was born 07 Jul 1873 in Orange County, VT. His father Seth Henry King had married His mother Emma Cady, a couple of years earlier. Emma was married before to Andrew Clark and had a daughter Belle Carrie Clark who lived with Seth and Emma at the time Newell was born.

Newell's mother died  in 1876, when Newell was only 2 years old. Emma was 26 when she died of 'Congestion of the lungs' on February 13th. In her obituary it stated the daughter of Seth and Emma had been adopted by someone out-of-town. I believe this refers to Belle Carrie Clark, who must have gone to live with someone in her father's family when her mother passed away.  In August of 1876 Seth remarried to Katherine Sophia Robinson, Seth and Katherine have 5 girls together, but Newell remained the only son Seth ever had.

Newell married Nellie Waters Dec 25 1903. She had been married before, to George William Earle. In February of 1904, the have a little girl, Clara Jane King. In August of 1905, they have a little boy, Clescent Henry King. In 1906, they have a bit of a family crisis.  Nellie was arrested for bigamy. Newell was arrested for adultery. It seems the lawyer Nellie had hired to do her divorce never actually got around to filing her papers. Therefore, she had never officially been divorced. They did get it all straightened out, and as soon as she was divorced from George Earle, Newell and Nelllie got married again in December of 1906.  Nellie died in May  of 1916, following surgical removal of her appendix.

In August of 1918, Newell married 15 year old Maxine Carpenter. She was one of 9 daughters born to her parents, Melissa Tyler and George W. Carpenter. She and Newell had 11 babies together.

WW1 Draft Card For Newell King
RICHARD ALFRED KING was born in 1918.   

ROBERT LEWIS KING was born in 1920 

Baby KING was born and died in 1922.

FRANCES DORIS KING was born in 1923.

DONALD GILBERT KING was born in 1925.

MARGARET PHYLLIS KING was born in 1927.

BARBARA EVELYN KING was born in 1929. 

KENNETH RAYMOND KING was born in 1931.

VIRGINIA ANN KING was born in 1933.

GORDON HENRY KING was born in 1935.

DUANE AUSTIN KING was born in 1937.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dykeman Honeymoon Trip

Back in August of 1924, Henry Dykeman, son of Effie K. Hooker and Peter Dykeman, married Velma Ellis, daughter of Abert Ellis and Mary E Dutcher.  On the third of August, they eloped and got married in Catskill, NY. Family has told me they didn't tell anyone right away. They went on a honeymoon trip, leaving in in October, and returning the following August. Velma kept a diary during the trip whih the family found after she & Henry had passed away.

They made the trip in the family car which Henry had converted into what was probably the first 'RV'. They camped in the car across the country, all the way to California and back. Velma was thoughful enough to include in her diary how many miles they had traveled, what the roads were like, and the many things and places they saw along away. Its amazing all they did that first year.

Spring cleaning is common this time of year, and this year some old, old newspapers (some back to 1888) were found in the family homestead attic. On opening the August, 1925 Sunday Courier from Poughkeepsie, NY, there was a surprise. There on page 12 was an article all about the trip, highlighting they had taken this 11,000 mile trip and only spent $325. Very exciting to the newspaper wrote about their trip.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The 1940 Census is here!  Find your family in the census April 2 at today.

1940 census

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Family of Anna Amelia Barrett Travis

   Solomon Barrett and Sarah Knox had 12 children. Their oldest Child was Anna Amelia, born 04 Apr 1857 in Brewster, Putnam Co, NY, and died 03 Mar 1914 in Kent Cliffs, Putnam Co, NY. Anna A. married James Hart Travis 1872 in Putnam Valley, Putnam Co, NY, son of Temperance S Travis.  He was born Dec 1854 in Somers, Westchester County NY.

Children of Anna Barrett and James Travis are:

1) Solomon Travis who died about 1894.

2) Emma F. Travis, born 1873; died 1935. She married (1) William Augustus Cowl in 1888. Will Cowl was born in July 1858. She married (2) Robert Warner.  Emma and William A Cowl had the following children:

2A) Chloe Cowl, born May 1891. She married Joseph Robertson about 1909 and they had a son Joseph.

2B)Ruth Cowl, born Nov 1897.

3)  Sarah Temperance Travis, born Dec 1875 in NY. She married Allen D Adams March 24, 1904 in Manhatten, NY.

4) Bertha E. Travis, born Oct 1879 in Carmel, Putnam Co, NY. She married Allen Vandine.

5) Mary Hannah Travis, born Feb 1881 in Carmel, Putnam Co, NY. She married Guy Hoffmire; born Abt. 1876 in New Jersey.

No further information is known on this family, but if you know more about Anna & James Travis' descendants, I would be interested to know about it.