Sunday, March 29, 2015

From Dolgopiaty to Dolgin

Harry Dolgin died May 17 1953 in St. Johnsbury, Caledonia County, Vermont at the Brightlook Hospital.  Harry was born Hershel Dolgopiaty in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia  on March 12th  1890.

Harry was the son of Ariah Lieb (or Aaron Louis)  Dolgopyat and Brina (or Bertha) Tabatchnick, and had at least two sisters, Mindel who was born around 1879 and Esther who was born about 1887 along with a brother Phillip.


Brina, Herschel, Esther and Mindel Dolgopiaty  immigrated to America on the Mauretania which traveled from Liverpool, England to arrive in New York City on 8 April 1910.

Passenger List of Mauretania 

Brina died under the name Bertha Dolgin in Malden Massachusetts on 26th May 1912. She was listed on her death certificate as a widow of Aaron Dolgin. Her parents were listed as Dora and Solomon Tabatchnick, both born in Russia.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Osborn picnic

Its well known that the Osborn part of the family would often get together for a meal and spend the day together.  In the boxes of pictures  from this side of the family, we found the below photo. After some help from many cousins, we were able to identify everyone in the picture as well.

The patriarch of this family is James Osborn. While he isn't in the picture, His sister Zadie is, along with his second wife Lucinda.   Their daughter, Isabel and her husband Cliff, with their children Cliff Jr and Lucy. Their daughter Chloe, her husband John Balser, daughter Barbara Balser and Chloe's son Buddy Dutcher. Their daughter Nancy  and husband Herman Bouffard. Her nephew Weston Beach, better known as Pete whom Lucinda and James raised. Their daughter Elsie Osborn, and James' brother Charles Osborn.

Picture is believed to have been taken after 1939, when Herman and Nancy married, and before 1941 when Elsie married. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The four Junia Dykemans

The first Junia was the child of Hezekiah & Constant Doane Dykeman (also spelled Dyckman or Dikeman.) Born Nov 22 1785,  he married Sarah Morehouse. They had three children, Belinda, Sally and Daniel.  Junia served in the New York Militia in the War of 1812 in Capt. Ferris' company under Col. Carver. Junia died  March 6 1875. Junia & Sarah are buried in the Old Southeast Church Cemetery in the town of Southeast, Putnam County NY.

The second Junia, Junia Warren Dykeman is the grandson of the first Junia, the only child of Daniel W and Emma C Dykeman. He was born July 9 1856. This Junia marries Helen A Beattys and they have 11 children; Junia Jr, Emma, Charles, Lewis, Frederick, William, Arlene Bessie, Helen Lucille, Elbert, Harold Horton, and Ralph Irving Dykeman.  Junia Dies 22 April 1934, in Manhattan, New York City, New York. He is buried in the Milltown Cemetery in Brewster, Putnam County, New York.

The third Junia, Junia Warren Dykeman Jr was born 23 July 1878, in Dykemans, Putnam County, New York, just like the two generations before him. He married Bessie A Nichols and they had two daughters, Helen and Ruth Dykeman. This Junia was a Justice of the Peace and Town clerk in Patterson, NY. Junia died June 17 1962 in  Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York. He is buried in the Maple Avenue Cemetery in Towners, Putnam County, NY.

The last Junia, Junia William Dykeman is the son of Helen Dykeman and the grandson of Junia Warren Dykeman Jr.  Junia William was born June 18 1942 in Danbury, CT.   In July 2 1964, a legal notice was filed by the Putnam County Court stating that Junia William Dykeman would be now known as Miles Rivers. Despite that notice, Junia died in 1973 and is buried under his birth name in the Maple Avenue Cemetery in Patterson, Putnam County, New York.